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Will I Be Able to Master Social Media??

I just signed up yesterday for an account with active rain. What’s funny is I am not only new to social media and blogging, but I am also 90 days into my career in Real Estate. Talk about some life changes!

I worked for 15 years (straight out of college) for a company in various positions. My main positions involved management, contract negotiations, solutions management and the biggest one was CUSTOMER SERVICE. Not only providing exceptional customer service, but training my team to provide customer service that was unmatched and demonstrated our enthusiasm to go above and beyond for every customer.

In February of this year I was faced with the decision to take a demotion or receive a severance package due to the economic times the company was facing. I chose to take the severance and to start a new journey with something I had wanted to do for years. I decided to get my real estate license. In April of this year I got my license and started working for Keller Williams Realty.

From April until today all I can say is WOW!!!! Talk about going from something I knew like the back of my hand, to jumping into something I had very little experience with outside of my own home purchases. It was a major adjustment to say the least. It is not easy starting over and essentially being a new hire in a field of so many experts! I had to step back and realize that nobody starts as an expert and everyone in this field started exactly where I am today. I had to take a step back and humble myself. I had to commit myself to learning everyday. I had to accept that I wasn’t going to be a mega agent in 90 days. I had to accept that the seeds I am sowing today are not going to pop up tomorrow. They take time. They take nurturing. However, if you stop planting seeds you will eventually run out of a crop. After talking to so many in this industry I realize I am very lucky to have started my career in the market we are in today. I am learning valuable lessons on how to make and keep my business in the long term, but also how to survive when the market shifts.

So here I go jumping in to start blogging. I will make mistakes along the way, but it is only a mistake if I don’t learn from it. If I learn from it, then it was just another day of learning something new!